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To our community,

In January of 2017, we had spent just two months meeting with people and had a dozen or so people willing to help with the launch team. We’d never had a worship service, we didn’t have any small groups. We were just getting started.

We took a step of faith, hoping that if we gave our all, God would use this new church to make a difference in the lives of real people. We started with a vision. This simple report, filled with numbers and stories, is truly a testimony to what God has done this year. Don’t get us wrong—each number has name. Each name is a person loved by God.

Throughout 2017, God has done many amazing things. We expect Him to move even more in 2018.

We are so grateful for all you have done to help support this new movement through your gifts, talents, time and prayers. Let’s join together and give thanks to God, from whom all blessings flow.

Now, buckle up, because the best is yet to come.


Joe and Allyssa Graves 


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