Community isn't a Spectator Sport

Here are four easy ways to support Central City: help us meet new people, visit one of our preview services, serve either long-term or short-term, and offer to lead one of our ministries.


Help us meet new people in Columbus

Whether you attend our church, or another church in the area, we’d love for you to help us spread the word. We honestly believe that people’s lives will be better when they get connected to the community we are building. In other words, your invitation can literally change someone’s life. If you know anyone who might be interested in this new church, we'd love to meet them.

Not sure who to consider? Here's a resource to help you think about it. 



Visit a worship service

We'd love to have you come and try out one of our worship services. We will have preview services through the Summer and will launch weekly services this Fall. 


We need all kinds of servants to pull off God’s mission of making disciples. While there are ample places to serve, here are some of the areas we need the most help with: meeting new people, first impressions, set-up, small groups, worship and media, and children’s ministry. 

We have two levels of commitments for people interested in serving:

  • Serve on a Ministry Team (Long Term commitment, 1-2 years)

  • Serve on the Launch Team (Short Term commitment, 6-9 months)



lead one of our ministry teams

Join us in equipping the church for ministry. We are hoping to fulfill the following roles within 6 months of launching. 

  1. Guest Follow-up: Lead the team that helps guests move into the life of the church. 
  2. Outreach: Lead the church in our mission to connect with the wider community. 
  3. Small Groups: Organize and assist small group leaders. 
  4. Serving: Follow up with individuals interested in serving and help them find the right place to serve. 
  5. First Impressions: Lead the team that provides hospitality on Sunday morning—everything from coffee to greeters.
  6. Family ministries: Lead the team tasked with teaching the next generation of children and their families. 
  7. Worship Leader: Lead our worship team. 

Interested? Let us know and we would love to chat about it more with you.