Have you ever considered just how significant a simple greeting can be?  

The world changes through new relationships: when organizatons decide to partner together, neighbors begin to rely on each other, and people learn to love one another. The world changes when people come together. And every relationship, no matter how casual or how sofisticated, starts with a simple greeting. Something as simple as “hello neighbor.”

We believe good things happen when people choose to love their neighbors, no matter who they are, where they come from, or what they believe.  

Hello Neighbor is built on a simple principle. We believe the world is changed through relationships and every new relationship starts with a greeting. Something as simple as "Hello Neighbor." 

Everyone has something to offer. Everyone. Even you. And the person you’re serving. The person standing on the corner, and the person standing on the floor of Wall Street. Everyone has something to offer.

And everyone needs something. You can’t live a full life alone. Everyone needs something. Even you. Even the person who serves.

Is it possible that we need what each other have to offer.

Hello Neighbor is about helping people from all walks of life enter into relationship with each other, so the community of God can be experienced.

We do this in two ways.

First, we offer a Week of Service and ongoing ways for people to volunteer. Check out the video below

Second, we offer a class that goes in depth on how to build relationships across socio-economic divides.

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