Raising Support for Summer Internships


Dear Summer Intern,

We couldn’t be more excited about the journey you’re headed on! You have accepted the challenge of exploring a call to ministry while helping Central City launch a new church. This could very well be one of the most exciting summers of your life!

We believe God is about to do something big. Something big in this church. In our city. And in your life this summer. In fact, we are praying that God uses this experience to transform your world, so you can in turn, transform the world through God.

While you are giving your summer to this important work, there are many other people who want to give their finances to make this happen. You have remember, that where God calls, God also equips. God accomplishes his work through the body of Christ, and as we read in 1 Corinthians 12, the body is made up of many parts with different purposes. God is calling you to serve at Central City this summer, which means it’s very likely God is calling other people—friends, family, coworkers, etc—to support you financially—that’s how the body of Christ works! Raising funds for mission starts with the assumption that you are giving people the opportunity to join you on mission, to fulfil their role in Christ’s body. To withhold the invitation to give is to withhold the chance for them to be faithful to what God might be calling them to do! Now of course, we don’t know who God is preparing ahead of time to support you. So the best strategy is to offer the invitation to give to as many people as you can; and then celebrate the ones who jump on board, and don’t get bent out of shape from those who pass.

Our strategy for raising support can be summarized in four words:

  2. WRITE
  4. THANK

As you place your trust in God and carefully implement each of these four steps with an attitude of gracious invitation, you will be amazed at what God does! We are so excited by your faith and willingness to serve.  We are praying for God’s blessing on your life.


Joe and Allyssa Graves