Ja'Mecka Joins our Team


CelebrateONe is a city initiative to reduce infant mortality in the city, specifically in a number of neighborhoods, Franklinton being one of them.

As a CelebrateONE agency, we are able to receive funding to hire a community health connector. Last fall, we interviewed a couple candidates and offered the position to Ja'Mecka.

After going through additional screening through the city, in January she began her training, and last week, she started her practicum hours with us.

Over the course of this year, she will be putting in 20-30 hours a week, connecting with women and their families on the west side and Franklinton: connecting them to resources in the city, helping them learn how to better care for their children, and planning events, like community baby showers, and community birthday parties.

We’re hoping that as she finishes her training and starts working on these projects, there will be plenty of ways for us to come alongside her and support the work she will be doing.

For now, we’re just excited to have her join our team!