Westside First Birthday

"Every baby deserves a chance to take their first step. To say their first word. To start their first day of school. To graduate from college. To get their first job. To have a baby. To get married. To be President!" -National Healthy Start Association Infant Mortality Awareness Campaign.

Central City Church and our Westside partners agree! And to support families and babies living on the West Side of Columbus, we want to celebrate first birthdays and encourage families along the way. Every baby born in our community will be welcomed and celebrated, surrounded by a supportive family, receive loving care and thrive in the years beyond! In collaboration with CelebrateOne, we are hosting our first birthday party, celebrating every baby who has reached her/his first birthday in 2018. This party provides fun for babies and their older siblings, door prizes, diapers, and vendor tables with lots of great info and resources available in our community.

Help us make this a success!

Want to register your family? Click here: https://timecounts.org/hello/events/7404