Grandview Hop


Every summer, Grandview Ave shuts down, food trucks pull up, and vendors of all sorts set out tables. The last two years, Central City Church has had a table.

But, for the June Hop, we want to do something different.

We want to turn it into a bit of an outreach. A super simple, very subtle, outreach. All we’re asking if for you to commit to coming out to the hop and hang out. Eat at a food truck. Listen to music. Stop by our table. Get a drink. Whatever. Sounds great, right?

One catch! We’re hoping to get as many of you as possible to come out while wearing their Central City Shirt.

Don’t have a shirt? No problem! We will give you one for FREE.

If you’d be willing to help us with this, would you take a second and fill out the form below. Our hope is to get at least 40 people commited to walking around the hop.

ALSO, here are some other ways to support the Hop: 

1. We're looking for 1-2 volunteersto help with trash pick-up, once an hour. This was a last-minute request from the folks who organize the Hop and we thought it would be a meaningful way to serve our neighbors.
If you're willing to serve alongside Joe, let us know. 

2. We could still use 2-3 volunteersto help hang out at our table and be a friendly facefor folks who want to learn more. Let us know if you can help!

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Joe Graves