Grandview Hop


Every summer, Grandview Ave shuts down, food trucks pull up, and vendors of all sorts set out tables. The last two years, Central City Church has had a table.

But, for the June Hop, we want to do something different.

We want to turn it into a bit of an outreach. A super simple, very subtle, outreach. All we’re asking if for you to commit to coming out to the hop and hang out. Eat at a food truck. Listen to music. Stop by our table. Get a drink. Whatever. Sounds great, right?

One catch! We’re hoping to get as many of you as possible to come out while wearing their Central City Shirt. (not the Hello Neighbor shirt, but a Central City shirt)

Don’t have a shirt? No problem! We will give you one for FREE.

If you’d be willing to help us with this, would you take a second and fill out the form below.

Our hope is to get at least 40 people commited to walking around the hop.

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Do you need a Central City Shirt?
Joe Graves