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As we go out into the community we're looking to build community. Communities are built through intentional relationships where the ability to truly know one another is crucial. We're a young church and we're looking to make an impact but that can't be brought about by force, true relationships come about by being vulnerable & understanding with those that we are (and will continue to) serve. As we're embarking on this journey please join us in prayer about the following,

1. The Holy Spirit will go before us and open hearts both of those serving and who are being served. You can't force Jesus on people or be "fake nice" towards one another at church or in our community.

Lord we ask that you would help create real & organic conversations where we can be invited to share Your truth and love. God we're asking that you would be present in our church plants, our outreach community & in our city. We know that when one or more gather in your name that you're present. We pray that your peace & presences would be so present in the hearts of those serving and those we encounter.

2. That we as a church, and you as an individual, would be able to be true in heart. We're not in the business of "being perfect". We're humans and as humans we're raw, messy, broken and needing community, help and Jesus.

God help us break down those walls that we have to be perfect in order to help or open up to others. Break off any lies that that hold back our church community or our Grandview / Franklinton community, from reaching for and obtaining real and authentic relationships. Lord we ask that you would create a culture in our church, in our outreach ministry & in our individual lives, that preaches freedom from "being perfect". Help us see that it's okay to be messy, to need help and to open up to others. Break lies off of us that we have to have it all together before we can start, start with serving, start with praying, start with reading the Bible or start with truly being present and real in the church.

3. Join us as we pray for the impossible. The Bible is full of stories about things happening that by no means should have worked out or happened. We're inviting the Holy Spirit into the church and into our urban ministry, and we want the impossible to happen.

God we're praying that you would heal the blind, the broken, those who are needing freedom from addiction, lies or a cycle of poverty. Holy Spirit we want to create a place for you in our teachings, during our worship, while we do outreach to a underserved community.  Join us and pray that this week, this church, our urban ministry wouldn't just be a good experience, but that it would become a life style of expecting the impossible.

We're in the business of working with humans. Humans are messy and broken. God isn't. He has all the answers and is reaching out His hand and asking us "what are you going to do to spread my message". As the Week of Service starts, ask God where you fit in in it. Is it helping make a meal at a homeless shelter, is it helping clean one of our neighbors home, is it reaching out and being intentional to that one person you keep meaning to say hi to at church or an old friend? There are several ways to serve every single day this week, but maybe God is calling you in a different way this week. Take a second and stop. Listen and feel, where are you feeling peace, or when you think about a service project—which one won't leave your mind? What ways are YOU able to carry out your faith this week?