Are you a college student in Columbus looking for a place to belong? Look no further.

Join us for our weekly Campus Bible Study.

Contact Adam for more information.

You’re welcome here.

You can share the real you, as much or as little as you want. You will never be expected to hide your doubts or questions. There’s no need for anyone to put on any air of perfection. This is a safe place, where honesty and vulnerability is encouraged and received with gratitude.

A Place to Belong

More than a student organization—we’re a community. We’re a group of people choosing to live life together and create strong Christian relationships so the Kingdom of God might be experienced here on earth. We want to be the kind of community that can support each other when life is hard and we tend to feel alone.

Focused On the Mission

We refuse to keep this to ourselves. We believe the kind of community Jesus has to offer is something too good to keep to ourselves. When we see how good it is, it’s only natural to share this good news and invite others so that our community grows to include anyone and everyone.

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