We believe the church is at it’s best when it’s making a tangible difference in the world.

In 2019, we are launching a new Free Store on the West Side of Columbus. You can learn more about this here.

Here are some of the values that have brought us to where we are, and will carry us into the future.

  1. This isn’t about us. God is already at work. We desire to simply be faithful in loving the people God is already loving, working with the people who are already working, and join the mission of God that started before us, and will continue long after us.

  2. We’re all about relationships. We don’t believe missions is a transaction. It’s not “us” and “them.” It’s just us. We’re in this together.

  3. We are all broken and poor. Every single one of us needs help. So when we help, we never do so in a way that we wouldn’t be willing to receive. We’re in this together.

  4. Best Practices. If it works, we want to learn from it and apply it.

  5. Listen. We have more to learn than we do to give, which means listening is the first step to successful missions.

  6. We do this because of Jesus. We want people to love Jesus, love like Jesus, and realize they are loved by Jesus.

  7. We are collaborative. We will partner with anyone who embraces this work and is willing to be mutually supportive, regardless of their faith or affiliation. We love working with organizations and people who don’t follow Jesus.

  8. Humility. We try to never assume we know how to help someone, or that someone needs help. We believe everyone has something to offer.

  9. Starting new churches. We’re a church plant that believes in planting new churches. In every mission we engage in, our hope is that it supports or helps create a new faith community that makes sense for the people who we’re reaching.

  10. Relationships are key. Mutual, grounded in listening, empathetic, relationships.

  11. Finally, relationships.