You’re welcome here.

With all of your






And potential.

Come and see what God can do.


Join us for our weekly gathering

Sundays, 10 a.m. 

1266 Virginia Ave, Columbus, OH 43212

Parking is available accross the street, and along Virginia and Third Ave. 



 a neighborhood church with a citywide impact. 

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We want to love Jesus,

love like Jesus,

and be loved by Jesus.


our mission,

when you boil it down,

is all about Jesus. 


We have three core values:

intentional relationships,

risk-taking mission,

and dynamic worship. 

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Dynamic Worship

God created us to have fun, be creative, and think intentionally. We hope our weekly gatherings will be uplifting and challenging. We want to create a safe place to hear what is often a dangerous message. Through music, in-depth TED-style talks, and creative responses, we hope to create a space where God can give you the nudge you need to take that next step in your life. 



Intentional Relationships

 We believe that strength in community happens when people at all different stages and places of life are living side-by-side. We hope to plant a community of worshipers where families, children, college students, community members, the rich, the poor and anyone else, regardless of class, orientation, economic status, or background can serve this city together. This is only possible when we strive to listen more than talk, and are intentional about our relationships. We do this in everything we do, but our most intentional means for relationships is our small groups. 

learn more about small groups here


Risk-taking MIssion

God is calling us to make a practical, tangible difference in the community. When we gather for worship, it's not a destination, it's a launching pad into the community. We are committed to giving people opportunities to use their gifts and talents to impact the city for the better. We are excited to step out in faith, trusting that God will use our hard work, strategic planning, and bold visions to transform the world. We are doing this in two ways: by supporting existing organizations with volunteers, and launching a new nonprofit co-op and community space.

Learn more about our Hello Neighbor Volunteer Iniatitive here.

Learn more about our nonprofit co-op and community space here